Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hellboy 3 Ron perlman

Actor Ron Perlman talked about Hellboy 3:

The only thing I can share with you is we have this demon who is a victim of this Oracle, which is not negotiable. He's been summoned to the Earth for the destruction of mankind, and that’s non-negotiable. This whole notion that his nature, is the demon of destruction — against the way he's been nurtured by his father, John Hurt's character, to be kind and in the service of mankind. Those things are going to be in play in the third one. Then of course you have Liz pregnant with twins at the end of the second film. So you don’t know what those two offspring are going to be? Are they going to be more human? Are they going to be more demon? Are they going to be a combination of the two? And how is that going to play out, in terms of Hellboy's destiny. Which I say again is non-negotiable. So that’s the backdrop for the third film. And everything will be resolved, all these open-ended questions will finally be resolved. I don’t know how, he didn’t give me those details. But that's the backdrop for it.
Actor Ron Perlman

Let's hope they speed up the development of Hellboy 3, can't wait to watch the film!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hellboy 3 Movie in 2012

Director Guillermo del Toro is really attached to the Hellboy movie series. He pushed for the first sequel to happen, and is naturally already thinking about a third Hellboy movie. And he has already expressed interest in returning to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy franchise when his schedule clears up. Here below his response about Hellboy 3:

"Don’t tell my family, but I would love to do Hellboy 3 consecutive to the Hobbit. The first movie was 2004, the second movie is 2008 so if the third movie is 2012, 2013, it’s not that far off."
Guilermo del Toro

He also stated during an interview given to SciFi that Hellboy 3 would likely be the closure of the Hellboy movie franchise:

"If there was ever a third one, I would really make sure that we at least sign a contract that there is no more. No prequels and no sequels: nothing. If that happens, then there is a third one we have planned, and the seeds are planted in this film."
Guilermo del Toro

Quite sad to hear Hellboy 3 will be the last movie, but glad that Del Toto and Universal still have the big red hero on their minds for now. And a release of Hellboy in 2012 that's not so far.

Of course Ron Perlman would reprise his role, he clearly stated that he loves the job (as long as del toro is helming the project that is).

What plot for Hellboy III?
Well HBII brought a bad omen: Hellboy is still alive but that's not without a price... We've heard the dark prophecy: Hellboy could get his long horns back and transform into the harbinger of death for Mankind in the future...
So I guess Hellboy 3 would deal about this issue.

Impatient to know more about the movie Hellboy 3!